Josh's Wedding!

10:21 AM

Here is another picture of all the fellas! Uncle Jason got to perform the ceremony. Then it's Josh, the excited and very handsome groom. Jake, Alan, and Ron are looking good as well!
Josh getting picked up by his groomsmen!! Those Doan boys always have a good time!
And FINALLY!!! The beautiful couple! Josh and Amanda are absolutely adorable together and their happiness was just radiating the whole evening. We're so happy and excited for them to start their new life as husband and wife!
This is Jacob cutting a rug with his sister Hillary. She and her little girl Phoebe came out from Texas and it was awesome to get to see them!
I know it's hard to tell, but I did manage to get my husband to dance one dance with me!
Daddy with Gid!! Gid was such a good boy the entire trip. I was really thankful for that. We thought for sure since he had been so good for all the wedding things he would fuss the whole drive home, but he didn't. In fact, he hardly made a peep! He's such a sweet boy!
This is Jake's cousin Isaac, keeping Gid entertained! He was really willing to help out with both Gideon and Phoebe! I really appreciated having my hands free for a little while!

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