Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me...

4:25 PM

'cuz the world's best husband belongs to me!!!

My husband is amazing.
He works really hard to get me orange roses whenever he gets me roses because he knows that I think orange roses are WAY cooler than any others. I don't know why, but you just don't see them as often and I like to be unique! He brought me home this pretty bouquet in a nice new vase, and also had a present which he claims to have wrapped himself (it was black & white & hot pink... all I know is I was impressed because it was adorable!) and inside were the most adorable pajamas. White with pink polka dots, and the pants are actually long enough for my freakishly long legs! Anyways, I just had to take a minute to say how thankful I am for him, He works so hard and spoils me rotten and I just LOVE him for everything he is!

I got him a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the shape of a heart, the new Angels & Airwaves cd and a hilarious card.... and then we went to Wal*Mart and got all of our favorite junk food and came home, put on our pjs and sat around to watch Lost. It might sound lame, but we had a lot of fun. I was just so glad to see him, since I hadn't since Sunday night. He's just great & makes me smile!

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