2:40 PM

Gid and Ella were SO excited to get to go outside after yesterday's gloomy weather. I made them wait until after lunch so that everything dried out a bit. Ella found this hunk of wood and has been carrying it around with her everywhere. It's her "gun."
Gideon is so fascinated by everything Ella does. He just watches her and then as soon as she moves on to something else he tries to do whatever it was that she was doing. It's cute!
He wouldn't look at me, but I thought this was cute anyways.
And little miss Ella. She's such a sweetie and I just love her polka-dot boots.

I'm glad that they have fun together despite the age difference. When the rest of the kids got home from school and Jake got home from work...that's when the real fun started.... Let's just say the whole time I was praying nothing would happen that would require a trip to the hospital.
This is just one version of the ramp that Jake constructed out of random things he found in the garage. He wanted to skate off of it, the kids were just running and jumping.
Jared loved playing with Jake's board. He's actually riding around fairly well, I just didn't get a picture.
And last but not least....THE GIRLS! Katie, Annie, and Ella. They're so sweet and I thought this picture turned out really cute! So far watching the kids has been a lot of fun, except doing their laundry, haha. Who knew that such little kids could make SO MUCH dirty laundry. It's all done now! :o)

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