Easter at Tom's

3:30 PM

Here are just a few pictures from the only "real" Easter egg hunt that Gideon did. The weather just got way too cold after Friday night, so he only hunted in the house after church on Sunday. These are from the barbecue at Tom & Wendy's on Friday night.

Jake put Gideon through some serious "egg-hunting" training leading up to the hunt. It was all kind of thrown for a loop when we remembered he'd be hunting for paper eggs. Gideon was really wondering why Dad wanted him to pick up all this trash...

I think Jake and Joe had just as much fun as Gideon did. They're seriously not right.

As usual for our family photos...Jake looks like he's in pain. Gideon was much too fascinated by all the pity candy he got. He didn't find many eggs, but oh boy was his basket full of candy by the end of the night!
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