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Another Saturday at the Skate Park...

3:33 PM

This is usually where Jacob spends a few hours each Saturday with the guys... but after we got done helping my Aunt Brenda move and stuffing ourselves with Cici's Pizza, we brought along my little brother Alex and headed to the not-so-cool Liberty Skate Park for some fun. It was a little cold and I have to be honest, I was not so thrilled to be there at first, but we ended up having a really good time and Gideon is just absolutely fearless, which TERRIFIES ME...
Gideon and Daddy getting ready to go!
Yes, I have lost all sanity...
This is Jake attempting to teach our 15 month old how to "drop-in" on a 5' ramp.
And you thought stage parents were bad...
Gid cruisin' down a mini-ramp.

And a video of Gideon on a different ramp...I need to remember not to talk on these things.
Taking a break with Uncle Alex.
And just to prove I was there...this disgusting picture of myself. Sorry you can't see the baby-bump. I seem to camouflage it well in photos.

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