Holy Hannah!!!

8:31 AM

We had an INSANE thunderstorm last night. We just barely got power back on about 10 minutes ago, so of course the first thing I did was get online..

Early last night it was just your typical Missouri storm, the skies were beautiful and it smelled like rain, you know... the good kind of storm. The meteorologists were all saying to go to the basement at that point, but my crazy Dad was out snapping pictures the whole time... They did turn out pretty cool, check them out on my Mom's blog... it never really got that bad though, so I watched some tv and went to bed around 10.

BUT THEN, I was very unpleasantly awoken by something that seemed to be crashing down outside my bedroom window around 2 am. About that time I hear my mom running around upstairs saying "BOYS!!!!!!!! WAKE UP AND GET DOWNSTAIRS!!!!" So then of course I figure out where my pants are (who sleeps in pants when it's hot out? SERIOUSLY!) and Gideon and I stumbled through the pitch black- under construction basement... the whole time only semi-coherent and trying to figure out why none of the lights would come on. (We lost power, you moron!) Fun times. It seems I wasn't the only one with the pants problem though... haha. Anyways, we had to hang out in the theater room for an hour in the middle of the night and couldn't even watch a movie... But all is well now, there are a lot of things that seemed to have "disappeared" from the yard or that were smashed to a million pieces but really no serious damage. We're lucky though, some places down in the city had their roofs ripped off and they're still claiming it wasn't a tornado! I know straight line winds rip off a lot of shingles, but entire roofs?!

I might be crazy, but I still love these storms!

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