Hooray for Baby Showers!

3:27 PM

I just had to take a second to thank Laura & Rachel for throwing me a shower this past Saturday! It was so much fun and I really appreciate you guys doing that! I haven't got to take pictures yet of all the great girly stuff I got, but it's awesome! Thanks to all of you who came too! You guys are so great and I'm so excited for this little girl to be here!

As for a few questions I've been getting lately... let me just get those out of the way...

#1. Where is this little girl hiding?
I don't really know... Amazingly I have gained just under 40 lbs. but I think it must have gone entirely to this baby bump and my booty. For those of you who are lucky enough to only gain 25 lbs when you're pregnant... that's not me, but I gained 80 lbs. with Gideon, so I'm really thrilled that I haven't turned into a whale again with baby #2.

#2. What are we going to name her?
The easiest way to answer this one is with a simple "We haven't decided yet." I'm pretty sure at this point we're just going to have to wait until we see her, so I guess you'll all find out when we do!

#3. Have you guys found a house yet?
You have NO idea how much we've been hunting. But we finally think we've found the right house. We're actually going to look at it again this evening with Jake's mom & dad, so I guess we'll see if we change our mind again. But I don't think we will, after all this searching and praying, we feel really good about this house. It's still under construction though and won't be done until the middle of June (ya, that's when the baby is due....INSANE!)

Well, I think that's all... I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day. Mine was great. Jake got me season tickets to starlight! (Well he hasn't got to pick them up yet....but I won't let him forget!)

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