2:44 PM

I just ran to the library.

Which is all of 1.2 miles from my house. (If that.)

On my way home...

I got pulled over.

My plates are expired. (BARELY)

(Explain to me how to keep a 2 yr old calm at the DMV.)

Didn't get a ticket for that though.

Couldn't find my newest insurance card.

How's that for a sucker punch!?

"Don't worry, you can just take your insurance card in to the court clerk and they'll waive the charges and it will become a warning." says the officer.

Well thanks buddy, standing in line waiting for the court clerk with my kids sounds FAN-TAS-TIC.

I know I shouldn't complain considering it will be off my record. I'm really not some hooligan with no insurance. But, couldn't he have just been nice to the lady with the two kids screaming in her back seat and not written a ticket at all!???

Or is that to much to ask???

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