Thankful Thursday:

11:26 AM

Life has been so hectic and crazy here at our place that it's been a while since I've got to take a break and do one of these. So, here it goes:

- Andy (yesterday), Josh (today), & Al (friday) all coming to visit for the weekend. (I know it's supposed to be a guys weekend, but it's at my house and I'm enjoying being in the background of all their craziness. Talk about bringing back good times.

- My hubby being off work and therefore home all day!

- The fact that he has a good job to go back to on Monday.

- My new rockin' high efficiency furnace for keeping us warm in these -12 wind chills.

- My kids. They remain a constant source of entertainment.

- 24 & American Idol.

- Pop Tarts & home made pizza. Not at the same time.

- Familiy.

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