7 months:

12:11 PM


The past month has been a big one for you. Not only have you mastered crawling, you've also decided that you like to pull up on things. You got 2 teeth and have 2 more working their way through. You have a deep love for bananas and graham crackers. You are REALLY trying to get Me to stop putting giant bows on you, but I'm persistent. Since Mom has been stuck in the dungeon (aka nursery) you have made lots of new friends. New friends that are twice your size that you play right along with. You still don't cry hardly at all. (Except when Gideon sits on you or you take a tumble down the stairs. Not fun) Your smile is hilarious. You smile with you entire face and open your mouth as huge as it will go. It makes us all happy. We love you. Slow down.


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