Weekend Wrap-Up:

10:52 AM

Remember how I was feeling all crafty Friday??? Well I think I let it get the best of me... By the time Jake got home I hadn't managed to sand down the kitchen chairs yet because the furnace guys showed up (Yay! New furnace!) and I got sucked in by my Google reader.... But I did however have this GREAT list of stuff I wanted to accomplish over the weekend.

  • Paint my chairs.
  • Paint the kitchen.
  • Paint the living room.
  • Make curtains.
(A lot of paint... I know!)

Jake looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. "You're going to do all that this weekend?"

"Ummm... yes." I reply. Doesn't he know I'm wonder woman???!

"You're crazy."

So maybe I didn't accomplish THE WHOLE list... but we did tackle my "Boringly Beige" living room... To say that 'I love it' would be in the running for understatement of the year! So, here you have it....

We spent Friday night taping off the room, laying down plastic and getting the 1st coat of paint on the walls!
On Saturday morning, Gideon stumbled out of his room looking drunk... walked right past Jake & I, picked up a paint brush and 'got to work.'
The finished product! I give you "Armory Grey." Doesn't sound very pretty but I think it turned out GREY-T... haha, sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Along with the new paint, we also rearranged the furniture and re-vamped some decorating.
I even dug out these awesome sconces I bought forever ago that have just been sitting in a box. Now they're up and looking fabulous.
We're happy. Fat and happy. Okay really we're not fat, but this picture just isn't that cute.

Hooray for Room Makeovers! I can't wait to tackle the rest of my list.

Anyways, this is a weekend wrap-up... So on to Sunday....

Sunday was pretty typical. We skipped church because I was having a slight meltdown. (I don't know what my problem was, it was all set off by the fact that every pair of nylons I tried to put on had a run the size of my face. And I mean every one.) We moved a couch into our basement from my parents. We had my cousin Jeni & her boyfriend over for dinner and we watched 24.

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