Jake's Next Project:

8:18 AM

Is this not the most adorable thing EVER?!!?!

Oh, I guess I should catch every one up.... We bought a house, it's not the one I mentioned in the previous post... because as usual we changed our minds, but we're SO excited about this one and if all goes smoothly we'll close on June 5th. So I think this is probably the only time I'll ever be pregnant and praying the baby doesn't come early!

Anyways, since baby girl will be here soon I've been planning what I want to do with Gid's room. Nat brought over a toddler bed that he can use for now, but I'm thinking in the very near future he's going to need himself one of these FANTASTIC skateboard beds. I love that my husband can build things... Now I don't have to feel guilty that it costs $500 online!

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