Thanks Sarah!!!

7:19 AM

So yesterday, Sarah & Seth brought over stuff to barbecue (after all, it was Memorial Day!) and Sarah insisted that she take some pictures of us. Of course I was thinking... "are you kidding? I look disgusting. I just woke up from a nap... I haven't showered since this morning and it's super humid...my hair is gross." Ya, I basically tried every excuse in the book but she was persistent, and now... I'm grateful because they really turned out pretty cute!
Don't look! haha, sorry for those of you who have no desire to see my huge prego belly, but Gideon just loves to lay on Mommy's tummy and "talk" to his sister. It's about the cutest thing going and I wanted to have some record of it.
As usual Sarah, I'm impressed... even Jacob looks great!
We tried to take the stick away from Gid, but that was pretty much instant melt down, so we'll have to try some of these again later... Such a cute boy. Thanks again Sarah for forcing me to take these... now I'm glad I have them.
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