Oh Blah:

7:45 AM

So, I'm still pregnant. Really pregnant....
I had a Dr's appointment yesterday and he "can't believe I haven't gone into labor yet."
Which...whatever the heck that means, I don't know. I tried to convince him that he should induce me right away but he just laughed and said they'd schedule me for next week if I haven't had the baby by then. The only scary thing is he's going out of town from Wednesday to Monday, so I'm thinking this baby should just come out today... If that doesn't happen, which as my luck goes, it probably won't.. I'll probably either go into labor while he's gone, or have to go in to be induced next Thursday the 19th...which is my due date. C'est la vie. I guess it's not really that far away... I just want to see my baby girl!!!

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