Update...I guess:

9:30 AM

Alright, so nothing new has really happened... I just felt bad for not blogging since last week. So I figure I'll just try to come up with something interesting to say.

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Moving into our house.
2. Seeing Jake get bucked off the bull at his work party on Friday.
3. Moving into our house.
4. Having a beautiful new baby girl.
5. Not being pregnant.... second baby is officially TEN MILLION times worse than the first.
6. Being able to fit into normal clothes... right now I only have about 3 things that I can wear... even all my maternity stuff doesn't manage to reach over the combination of my big belly and super long torso...what a joke.

As for other news:
-We picked a name!!! We love it and we're so excited and guess what...we're not telling you until she's here. At least you know she's not nameless right!? I wouldn't even tell you that we had picked one...because now you have to deal with all the anticipation... I just thought I'd save you the time of giving us any more ideas.

-Jake's screen printing stuff is basically the coolest thing I've ever seen. I never thought we'd get so excited over 5 gigantic boxes of t-shirts being stuffed into the back of my car...but it's awesome how it all works. This is one time I'm really thankful I gave into my husbands seemingly crazy ideas!

-Today I'm going to the fabric store in hopes of finding the perfect material to make the bedding for the baby's room. I have a great idea in mind, let's just hope I actually find something so that I can enlist the help of my mother in law to actually get this stuff done! (ha...you thought I was gonna sew it... YA RIGHT!!)

Well...that's about it...not too exciting, but I'll take it.

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