Tuckered Out:

1:31 PM

I got up even earlier than usual this morning so I could finish up packing the last minute things so it's all ready to move when Jake gets home from work. Gid followed me around drawing on boxes and scaring me half to death by bringing me lots of things that aren't the best for an 18 month old to play with (scissors, screwdriver, safety pins, toilet bowl cleaner, icy hot...you know, the good stuff.) I disassembled the crib, tried to disassemble my bed (mattresses are REALLY heavy... and today is a day I DON'T want to go into labor) and thought better of it. Did the laundry, put off doing the dishes(they're all glasses and I still can't get the motivation...), boxed up the bathroom, took down all the pictures, boxed up even more books than I already had and next thing I know, Gideon had curled up on his crib matress in the middle of the living room floor.... so that's when I decided that I probably needed a break too and sat down to blog. I just love that boy.

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