Happy Tuesday!

9:06 AM

I just wanted to take a second to wish everyone a Happy Tuesday! It's July 1st and the weather here in typically super-humid Missouri is absolutely fantastic! I figured this was the perfect time to make one of those lists that I love to make of things I'm looking forward to....TA DA!

  • Jade is coming on Friday!!! Well, not just Jade but her whole family (minus hubby...sad!) I'm so looking forward to seeing her little pregnant self, Delila, and my Aunt Wendy. I guess the boys are okay too. :o)
  • We are SO busy with Jake's screen printing stuff and really, I'm thrilled about it. This week alone we've had 4 pretty hefty sized jobs. As if a brand new baby and house wasn't keeping us busy enough, this really keeps us running non-stop! But hey, we're not complaining. I must say I get a little frustrated that all the fun stuff I have planned for the house gets put on the back burner, but alas.... making money just opens up more decorating options!! :o)
  • Jake's birthday is next Monday... my husband will permanently be 17 to me, because that's the age he was when I met him and he hasn't really changed much. But this year he actually hits #24. INSANE. I am trying to come up with something fun to do for him since he's planning on taking the day off of work "to spend time with my family while they're in town." I don't know if I buy that part...but I'm looking forward to a long weekend with him! Last year we went to the Royals game... need something new. So ya.... be sure to send any good ideas my way!
  • Ashelyn is almost two weeks old... I'm planning on painting her room next week. Let's hope it actually happens! It's going to be so cute once it's done!
  • Ashelyn's baby blessing is this Sunday!! Hillary made her dress and I've only seen pictures but it looks fantastic! I can't wait. For those of you I haven't called yet, I'm sorry.... I'm the worst when it comes to phone calls but it's on my list of things to do!
  • And last but not least I'm looking forward to the 4th!!! I love fireworks and barbecue and we're planning on going to the Stake breakfast at Far West... good times!

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