12:02 PM

So my best pal/cousin who I'm pretty sure is really my sister in some way, Jade came to visit. I love her, she is the easiest person to please and is just so much fun. I know these are just about the lamest photos going, but they pretty well portray what we did the whole time. We just hung out and watched movies (a lot of our time was spent between our house and RedBox.) Both Gideon and Ashelyn just loved snuggling up next to her and Ashelyn loved to snooze on her little pregnant belly. She had to fly back to her hubby (Jake was so bummed Tim couldn't get off work to come visit too.) on Wednesday and I missed her before she even got through the airport doors. I can't wait until they have their baby in November so I can go visit and see their new house! Love you Jadie!

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