Why ME?

12:14 PM

So for any of you that have heard my long drawn out saga about trying to get internet, I'm sorry and I'll spare the rest of you. But here's the gist of it....

We waited two weeks while AT&T gave us the run around only to tell us at the very end, "Oh we're sorry, we thought we provided service there, but we don't." It took that long to figure that out??? Spare me...

So then after leaving 4 messages at the local place, the last one being not too nice and complaining about their customer service, I finally got a call back and signed up for cable and their high speed internet. She told me the soonest they could have any one come hook it up was Friday (today) at 3 in the afternoon. Sounds great I say.

So imagine my surprise at 9 this morning while I'm doing dishes in my bathrobe and the doorbell rings. I peak out the window to see the Cable Company's van. I'm totally mortified to answer the door knowing full well my hair resembles Medusa's and well...I'm in my ROBE. So I argue with myself for about 20 seconds and eventually say "Self, if you don't answer this you're not gonna have internet 'til next week sometime." That would obviously be a huge travesty, so I opened the door.

I got that shocked look I expected, told him the office sucks for telling their customers to expect someone at 3 and then sending them 6 hours early... then I feel bad for complaining, after all I really would have rather had him come in the morning so I had the rest of my day free I would have just liked to have been prepared/fully clothed.... I then went to my room hid my head in my hands for a good while and then quickly got myself dressed and smoothed my hair.

The guy was nice and hooked everything up quickly so now I'm happily blogging and Gid is loving him some Little Einsteins again. So what's the moral to this story you might ask? Don't give your kids baths and get them looking cute before yourselves. It's perfectly okay for a 19 month old to run around half dressed. It's a no-go in the mom department.

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