Dang Girl:

10:17 AM

So, I have officially found a "project" that I'm in love with.
I've been spending every spare second I can come up with making these headbands for Ashelyn. I love doing it and am really loving that they're not the same ol'-same ol' ones from Target or Wal-Mart. Jake thinks I should sell them on Etsy. So I thought I'd get some opinions... To etsy or not to etsy???

Just a simple white flower with pearls in the center.

The big kahuna. I'm loving this bright pink bow with the little flower in the center.

And here's a light pink one. (Ignore the fact that the bows don't match her outfit...I was using her as a head model)

I have about 4 more different styles done and lots more ideas... let me know what you think.

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