Things Gid Did Part Deux:

2:03 PM

While OUR backs were turned:

1. Gideon found a sharpie.... dun, dun, dun. In all honesty this is like MY one big fear so they are nowhere to be found upstairs. However, Jake uses them to touch up negatives and what-not for his screen printing hoopla, so they're all over the place around the man-cave. The other night Jake was "watching" Gid while he was working, and that's when he discovered the sharpie. He colored all over Daddy's drum set (Ya, I're thinking what I was thinking...huge, Jake freak out moment??? No, actually he just said...."Not much I can do about it." My jaw hit the floor and then I tripped over it.) then on the table that the screen printer is on, then all over the front of both the washer and dryer. How long did he have said sharpie? I'm estimating a good 5 minutes by the amount of coloring at each location. I tell you....

2. Hung from/yanked on/or otherwise mangled the thing that holds my curtains back and ripped it out of the wall....nice, right? I still have no idea when this happened, to my knowledge he was in his room playing with his newly acquired tool set the whole time. But nonetheless, one second its normal and the next it's dangling...

3. "Did his hair" with the milk leftover in his cereal bowl.

4. Climbed up onto the kitchen table, got an apple out of the fruit bowl and upon discovery was sitting in his high chair as if I had put him there....

5. Got in the pantry and took the broom and dustpan to his room to clean his toys.

6. He has figured out, I'm guessing by a lot of trial and error, how to get Cars to play all by himself. Well, almost. He'll get the tv on, the dvd player on, and is just lucky that Cars never comes out of the DVD player since he watches it so much. Then once the main menu music is playing, I push play for him. So, he's almost there.

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