Spook Fest:

3:57 PM

Alright, so not really… but everyone did gather at our house Saturday evening for the Halloween festivities. I was a little nervous about there being room for everyone, so we decided to deck out the garage, bring in a kerosene heater and some hay bales and have the party there. It worked perfectly! (Plus as an added bonus: My house stayed pretty tidy!) We had chili, hot cocoa, and apple cider. Oh, and candy. WAY. TOO. MUCH. CANDY.

halloween group shot *Thx Momma for this picture

Here are all the kiddos (and Sarah..hehe, sorry Sarah!) I love how they’re all looking off in different directions and I especially enjoy Jenna’s face! Such cuties and they were all so good! (Every picture I have of Jason in his full gnome garb he is making a grumpy face… I swear he wasn’t even grumpy so I don’t know how that happened…)

gid and ashe

*And this one, too!


Hey look, the whole Doan Gang heading out Trick or Treating!!! So glad we actually have a picture of all 4 of us! Jake and I were kind of bummed that we didn’t dress up this year. October was such a crazy month, we just never got the chance to plan anything! Oh well, there’s always next year! P.S. Isn’t Hubby’s beard hott?! I vote yes!


After we got back Ashelyn was determined to have 3 pieces of candy at all times… That girl was CRAZY!!! Gideon of course was so excited to have his cousins over that he literally never stopped moving long enough for me to get any more pictures of him, so… just because, here’s another of Ashelyn!


And with that… it’s November y’all! Can you believe Turkey Day and Black Friday will be here in no time?!?! I love me some holidays!

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