The Pumpkins:

8:17 AM

Friday night we FINALLY got around to carving pumpkins! I almost thought we’d have to skip this year because we hadn’t managed to find the time to do it. But, Jake and I decided to forego our date night and stay home with the kids to carve. We do love it after all!

Ashelyn was such a trooper! She dug all kinds of gross pumpkin guts, tried to eat them and then smeared them all over everything. We laid plastic down on the floor, but I still ended up with a disgusting mess to clean!


What on earth is inside that thing!? (Gideon was asleep for all the “prep” time, so I don’t have any pictures of him digging in the guts…)


But, here is Gid-Man with his finished pumpkin! Jake just free-handed it. I think it turned out so cute!


Here’s a shot of both of the kids’. Ashelyn’s was so cute with the big A and polka-dots all the way around. The picture doesn’t do it justice.


I did the spider web, Jake did the “Zombie Viking”, and because I just couldn’t resist how hilarious and ridiculous it was (and we had an extra pumpkin)… Jake carved Bella and Edward for me! Haha! That’s love right there! :)


Because I’m sure you needed a close up…. You’re welcome world.

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