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11:57 AM

Happy Halloween Eve all!

We are so excited for Halloween!!! It will be nice to have both of my kids old enough to actually enjoy it this year. We’re having everyone over to our house for the festivities tomorrow and it’s gonna be CRAZY! I’m pretty excited about it, but I’m sure I’ll be reminded just how small our house is, (and how BIG our family is!) Here’s hoping it’s “cozy” and not uncomfortable!

As a precursor to all the Halloween pictures I’ll have next week, here are a few shots from when I attempted raking my leaves the other day. Unfortunately I didn’t bag them up right away, and then it rained all day yesterday and blew them back ALL OVER the yard. I’m okay with it, it is FALL after all!


Lovin’ on Thor!


Ashelyn shares Gid’s love for playing in the dirt.


She was really mad that he was on her car/bike/thing. He thought is was hilarious. Haha! What a stinker that boy is!


Uhh….sorry his shirt is so disgusting. Don’t judge me!


My helpers!

Also, real quick. Jake has a new love of designing shirts for Gideon, and of course the vinyl cutter makes it sooo easy for him! It’s like, “Hey honey, wouldn’t it be cool to make gid a shirt like….” and then presto, 10 minutes later he’s got a one of a kind shirt! He’s wearing one under his hoodie in the above pics and here are two other’s that Jake has made. (Okay, I guess they’re not ONE of a kind… we’ve been making one for our nephew Jason when we have a chance, also!)


Lovin’ those cheeks J-man!!! Such a cutie pie!


Fun stuff!




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