Random Update:

9:30 AM

I've really failed in the blog department lately, haven't I??

I swear... I've had STUFF. Only now I can't think of it. So that could be a bad sign...

As a quick update, we've been really busy playing with our new vinyl cutter. (Technically it's for the business but you'd be crazy to think I didn't have BIG plans for this thing!) Everything so far has been business related but once things slow down (ya right) I have lots of things planned for around the house and maybe a few Christmas gifts, too.

We're getting geared up for Halloween, too! I think Jake and I are going to head to some thrift stores (Jake's FAVORITE...not!) tonight to try and finish up our costumes and all the muddy grossness (dang rain!) probably means we'll be getting WalMart pumpkins AGAIN. The carvings will be spectacular though! Just you wait!

Other than that, life is pretty normal. My kids are hilarious and growing sooo fast!

OH!!! I finally wrote down some of the words Ashelyn has been saying! She has been trying to talk SO much lately, so more for my sake than yours (because I'm bound to lose a piece of paper) here they are:

-Momma (everyone is Momma when she's tired)
-Teef (teeth- She loves brushing her teeth!)
-Peas (Please)
-Hot (As in, Mom you're HOT! haha, jk!)
-NO! (She's really good at this one, haha)
-Dog (She only get's the 'g' about half the time)
-Dis (This... she let's us know what she wants)

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I've got written down right now. I can't believe how big she is. She carries her baby doll with her everywhere. TRIES to play with Gideon's legos and cars. Has started loving puzzles and is FINALLY letting me read to her.

In other news, Gideon, the child who I thought would never talk, now speaks in full sentences! Hooray! And the best part is he's picked up Jake's vocabulary and says things are "Sick!" "Sweet!" and "Awesome!" which is just hilarious! The other night at dinner he also said, "Mmm! Yummy! Thanks Mommy, it's delicious!" and then stood up on his chair and clapped. And that right there is THE BEST EVER! :o)

He is getting really in to letters and whenever he sees words he tries to spell them. Somehow he only ever remembers the vowels though. So, we'll be watching Sesame Street and DOG will be on tv and here's Gid going, "A, I, E, A, I." And then, "I'm reading!" He's also been counting (he's golden with 1 & 2, then it's hodge-podge) and singing a lot! Man, he's cute.

Okay, I'm done. Pictures coming soon, I promise!

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