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Things Gid Did:

10:42 AM

While My Back Was Turned:

1. Found the crayons and colored all over the coffee table and the ottoman. Luckily, it came right off.

2. Got the dish soap from under the sink and squeezed it all over the floor and into the cleaning supply bucket. (I didn't figure out it was in the bucket for a few days...grabbed the windex and got a nice messy glob on my hand.)

3. "Splashed" the milk in his cereal bowl record distances. Seriously....tiny bowl...seemingly small amount of milk...GIGANTIC mess. It was pretty hilarious though, I really have no idea how he managed to get the milk to fly so far.

4. Peed on the bathroom floor.... I had just given him a bath and he likes to play this new game where when I try to put a diaper on him after bath time he runs around naked laughing hysterically... well, he ran right into the bathroom and peed on the rug. Gross kid.

5. Ate an entire box of Hot Tamales. I don't know how he did this, I seriously thought he was going to have permanent burns on his face, seeing as even after being washed it stayed red for a good 6 hours. I worried about the possibility of horrendous diaper rash, but no problemo it seems. I can't really blame the kid for liking them since they're pretty much my fave.

6. "Gave Ashelyn her bottle." By this I mean, she was crying so he held her bottle upside down over her face and shook, which of course made her more upset. When she's really crying hard he thinks it helps to cover her up with her blanket. So when I got to her and lifted the blanket off of her face, I discovered the formula. Gid came up to me and gave me a hug, pointed at Ashelyn and smiled, like, "See Mom, I helped." He tries... :o)

...He is insane and I love him and I'm sure there have been more of these moments, but these are the most memorable and recent. I'm sure I'll be making this a regular blog feature.

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