Little Miss:

3:24 PM

Ashelyn will be 3 months old on friday. Where on earth did the time go? Did I just blink my eye and miss it? She has so much personality now. Her eyes are beautiful and expressive. She's so chubby and squishy. She giggles, smiles, rolls, scoots, and is trying to learn to sit up. When I pick her up after nap time, she smiles and coos as if to say "thanks momma." She's a snuggler and wants to be the center of everyone's attention.

She wants to suck her thumb sooooo bad. I work really hard trying to not let it happen, but what to do for a girl with no interest in binkies? Plus, she's stubborn and doesn't seem to mind putting her hand right back in her mouth when I take it away.

I la-la-love my little girl who's getting big too fast.

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