Dear Ashe:

6:00 AM

You're 4 months old today. We went to the doctor last Monday and you weigh 16 lbs. 4 oz. You give Mommy a good work out because you ALWAYS want to be held. You pretty much sleep through the night. Only, my idea of a good night's sleep doesn't involve getting up at 5:30. You won't give up on trying to suck your thumb even despite all my efforts, so Daddy makes me give into you. He's decided it's cute. You're tall for a 4 month old. 25 1/2 inches. You roll all over the place, love to play on your tummy, and like to spin in the johnny jump-up. You get mad when Gid tries to steal your fuzzy blankets. You giggle ALL the time and it's the best sound in the world. You tried rice cereal for the first time and weren't too sure about it. But you LOVED the little bit of baby food I gave you. I love you so much... just stop growing already.


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