Help a sista' out:

1:16 PM

Sooo, I entered this picture I took of Ashe in a baby photo contest, so if you could all be a pal and go VOTE by clicking HERE, you'd be the coolest. You'd be even cooler if you blogged about it and tried to get other people to vote for my picture too! Come on, I promise I'll return the favor any time! In fact, if you help me win, I promise to do my first give-a-way of something uber-fantastic since I'll have extra dinero! Thanks all!

**** Just a note: I just figured out that you have to go through like 10 of those stupid "choose yes or no" survey things but you DO NOT have to sign up for anything, they just make you look at annoying ads. I know your busy so I understand if this makes you not want to do the vote thing, but it seriously takes all of 3 minutes even with the surveys. Just wanted to give a heads up.

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