Teething and Puke:

12:20 PM

All day long... if she's not puking... she's chewing.

Her favorite is to get that fist going. So far it seems like she's only doing it to gnaw on it and doesn't try to sneak her thumb in anymore. But since I'm a crazy-freak-mama who doesn't dig on the thumb-sucking I'm wondering if I should make her stop this too?

If she can manage to keep a hold of a teethy-toy long enough to chew on it she's happy as can be. But, she's still working on that whole doing more than one thing at a time stuff. Well, besides puking... she can do that in combination with pretty much anything at all.

Anybody have any good advice on the spit-up thing? Jake is all paranoid now that she's going to get dehydrated. She still seems to fill those diapers fine though. But she definitely doesn't seem to be slowing down in the spit-up department. I tried that special "spit-up reducing" formula and everything. So far... no luck. Maybe I just need to get used to smelling like baby puke.

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