Things Gid Did: Vol. 456

2:41 PM

1. After grocery shopping yesterday, silly me forgot to actually put the cornmeal in the PANTRY. Apparently leaving it on the kitchen table was much too tempting for Gid-man's little hands. I was blessed with cornmeal on every surface in my living room as well as all over the kitchen rug. So much for making cornbread.

2. He also did a similar version of exhibit 1 with a can of Ashelyn's formula. Let's just say I told him he was grounded (it was the first thing that came to mind after profanities), laughed at the confused look on his face, made him sit in time out, and then tried to salvage some of the formula. Only to get grossed out by the idea that some carpet fuzz or other dirt could be contaminating my babies food... pretty much he dumped powdered gold right on to the carpet. Why is that stuff so dang expensive?!

3. Threw a softball across my living room that narrowly escaped Ashe's head. The real mystery of this one is where on earth the softball came from. We've never owned one and I have NO CLUE where he found it.

4. Took the lid off of his sippy cup and dumped his milk ALL OVER his bed. Disgusting.

Also, because I don't want to look back and only remember the sneaky little things he does that make my life hectic... I thought I'd jot down a few of the things he does that make every day full of joy.

1. He snuggles me. Sometimes he'll be so intently playing with his cars and he'll just stop, come find me and reach for a giant hug. We sit and snuggle and sometimes I'll sing a song. He'll give me a kiss and run back to whatever it was he was doing.

2. He is a dance machine. He loves to dance. Anything with a good beat gets that little booty goin'. M0st recently he's become fascinated with spinning. ... I love it! "Dance Gid, Dance!"

3. I think he might have Toddler OCD. Dirty hands are his worst nightmare and he always lets me know if things aren't right... pointing at the bin of toys he dumped out that he wants me to help him pick up- "Uh-Oh, Mommy." So we clean up together and when we're done...

4. He claps!!

5. He LOVES when Daddy comes home. When he hears the garage door he runs to wait at the top of the stairs and is so excited to yell "Day-De" when Jake comes bounding up the stairs to wrestle him into a hug.

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