Show Us Your Pumpkins!

2:58 PM

Last night for F.H.E. we finally got around to carving our pumpkins! Gid was REALLY disturbed by all the pumpkin guts. (He wasn't so in to getting his hands dirty.) We had so much fun!
Here's Jake coaxing Gid into scooping out the goop.
He wouldn't do it with his hands, haha! We had to get him a spoon, which wasn't nearly as effective.
Our little drool-covered pumpkin!
Ashelyn wasn't afraid of the pumpkin guts! We had just enough time to snap this picture before she tried to put it in her mouth... No more after that!
Hey... that's me!! It's not too often I actually have a picture of myself unless it's one of those horrible outstretched arm self portraits I take just to prove to the generations I was there.
Mine, Ashelyn's, Gid's, & Jake's. I do realize that Gid's is really handicapped looking. I half-way broke the piece between the nose & mouth.. and Gid broke it the rest of the way. So that's how it looks and we're okay with it. After all, since Gideon couldn't carve it himsel he had to put his touches on it somehow. What better way than a broken nose??? haha
I thought Jake's turned out AWESOME! It's pretty spooky and of course Gideon wasn't too fond of it. I just love this time of year!

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