Just Another:

9:30 AM

It's Thursday again!? Halloween is tomorrow?? Is this for real?

Anyways, as usual I have a lot to be thankful for...

I'm thankful for our house. I'm glad we live in town and that I can feel like an active member of the community without even trying. For example: Last night people knocked at our door to have us sign a petition demanding an independent audit of the School District. They haven't had one in almost 20 yrs. How ridiculous is that? And now, they're proposing a new bond to fund "new lockers for the High School" even though a similar bond passed in 2005 for the same purpose and the money was spent... elsewhere? Also last night, the local food bank came around trick-or-treating for canned goods. Good stuff.

I'm thankful for my hubby who gets up so early to go to his "real" job and stays up soooo late to get things done for our business.

I'm thankful for Gideon... because right now he's trying to get the Mike & Ike's he dropped into Jake's snare on his drum set who knows when, out of the drum. I don't really even know how he got them in there, or how long they've been in there. But he keeps saying. "Mommy, oh no!" What a hilarious kid. Good thing the snare is supposed to rattle!

I'm thankful for Halloween coming up tomorrow! I think tonight I'll get the kids dressed all up for a test run of their costumes and to get some cute pictures! We just LOVE Halloween around here.

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