Givin' Mommy a Scare:

8:41 AM

Well, first of all...


I guess it's only appropriate that the first time I had to call Poison Control was TODAY!

While I was feeding Ashelyn her yummy applesauce that she was SO excited about, I suddenly realized it was way too quiet for Gid to still be playing happily with his cars in his room. So I go back there... he's not there. Peak into Ashelyn's room and he's got an entire brand new bottle of teething tabs empty. I noticed quite a few were on the floor but all around his mouth was white. So I call... and this is what the pharmacist says...

"There have been quite a few babies who have eaten two or more of the 250 ct. bottle with no ill effect."

At least my kid didn't manage to down 2 bottles...or 3! Who even keeps that many teething tabs on hand???? Anyways... Happy Day... Gid is fine!

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