Halloween Happened:

7:52 AM

Hey remember that one time I used to blog regularly?? Ya, sorry about that. ANYWAY! We had an awesome time on Halloween. The kids were adorable and Gideon was totally amazed that if he just walked up to random people's houses they would give him candy and say how cute he was.
Ashelyn was a fairy.(The Hub kept trying to avoid the cam... hair wasn't done ya know.) She was so stinkin' cute and tolerated the wings really well pretty much the entire night. Sorry about the bib, like I've said before...the girl pukes like CRAZY!
This was soooo fun! I couldn't believe how different Gideon looked with just a little black hair paint. Talk about Eddie Munster eh??? It kept throwing me off all night because I'm so used to looking for my little blonde boy. He was such a cutie and talk about an easy costume for a little boy who doesn't like fluff. I made the cape in about 6 minutes.
Me and my girl!!! I wasn't so festive. Didn't even wear black. Which is really shocking considering half of my wardrobe is black.
Gid-Man stuffing his face at Gramma & Grampa's.

And finally...Ashe gettin' a little love from the J-Man. What a little mack, talk about robbing the cradle.

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