Wrap Up:

2:20 PM

Friday: Jake got off work a smidge early, which is always a happy surprise. But he was only home for a little while and then headed up to help his Dad work on some stuff at the Quilt Shop in Hamilton. When he got home, we played Alan's PS3 in Mom & Dad's theater. In that short span of time I was almost convinced both that we needed a PS3 and that I wanted to become an assasin. Thankfully, I got over it....

Saturday: We woke up way earlier than we needed to. It was kind of ridiculous actually. We went to Target (am I addicted? I say yes.) We got some groceries. We got a pumpkin carving kit and planned family night for tonight. Then we sat around awhile...I'm really not sure what else we did... OHHHH now I remember the whole reason we went grocery shopping is because Jake got some crazy idea that HE wanted to make chili... his own way. And he wanted me to make my yummy apple cider. So we got that stuff to make for Sunday Dinner.

Sunday: Typical. Got to church late & grumpy. Left church feeling 12 billion times better. Got home. Jake made his chili. This was an adventure in and of itself because I was really terrified it was going to be disgusting. I like my chili, it's good... why change? Anyways, he put all kinds of stuff in it... like sausage. Which REALLY freaked me out. I'm not a huge fan. Luckily when simmered in a pot with hamburger, chunks of steak & the other various chili ingredients, you really can't taste the sausage. I know this is boring but this chili making extravaganza was a BIG deal to the Hub. It turned out really well. He invited his Dad over since his Mom is at Quilt Market and we enjoyed our chili & cider. Then they printed some t-shirts.

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