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6:00 PM

I'm bored and Ashelyn hasn't woken up from her nap yet so I've decided to reveal some of my celebrity crushes. Because well... it's fun!

1. Christian Bale. Because, well... Look at him okay!? He's pretty much been in my celebrity crush arsenal since I fell in love with Newsies as a 6 year old. I still watch that movie way too much and am glad that the Batman franchise finally got around to finding the REAL Bruce Wayne. Yum, Yum, Yummy!

2. I know this one isn't obvious at all, but... Jack Bauer. No, not Kiefer Sutherland. Jack Bauer. We all know my family spends way too much time watching 24 on dvd and how can you not have a crush on Bauer. Even the Hub has a man crush on him... I'm pretty sure I need this T-shirt:
3. Rocco DiSpirito. I think Jake should get himself all hot, go buy groceries and make me some delicious dinner. Because pretty much that's the majority of the appeal right here.

and just one more for the day.......

4. Tony Gonzalez. In case you were wondering, he is infact my boyfriend... NOT Sarah's. She tries to claim him just because she's older than me, but it's not true. On another note, let's just say the position he plays on the football field (Tight End) is VERY appropriate... *ahem*

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