Weekend Wrap-Up:

12:15 PM

This weekend, believe it or not, was a busy one. And luckily it wasn't the kind of busy that was annoyingly stressful, it was busy because we chose to be busy.... It all started Friday afternoon when after hunting down fairy wings for Ashelyn's Halloween costume, Jake called me to see if I would bring him some skate shoes so he and his buddy Josh could skate after work. So, since I am super-wife... I obliged.
We didn't spend too much time at the park Friday because I was still hankering to find a costume for Gid. I didn't have much luck though. So, I decided for Jake's work Halloween Party, what better thing for Gid to be than his dad??
So he was decked out with his tool belt & Bart's Electric shirt. Unfortunately it was a tad chilly so the shirt is covered by his robot hoody and the tools had found their way in to my purse by this point out of fear of them disappearing. He was a cutie pie though.
Here's a picture of all of us around the bonfire. Jake's holding Ashe so of course her hair bow is messed up and her wings were off... C'est la vie! Still cute. We had s'mores and chili and got to hang out with people we like, so that was a good time.
Saturday morning, after taking advantage of our free dozen donuts we headed to skate park numero uno. Josh (from Jake's work) and his wife Bridget joined us as well as a few of Jake's other "skate buddies" (What else do you call them????) When we were done there we headed in to Liberty because I was sure there was something I needed at Target,

Then we went to the skate park there. By that time the weather was ridiculously beautiful and we really had a blast just enjoying that. I loved this shot of Jake and Gid rockin' the ramps.
This is Jake's friend who is known as "Yock-On-It" He was getting some serious air!!!
Gid being adorable as usual... I just can't get enough. Ashe slept the entire time for the most part so there are no pictures of her from Saturday and since I'm always behind the camera, there are none of me either. We finished off Saturday with Pizza, Ice Cream, and 24... Pretty good.

Sunday we went to church in Excelsior Springs because my cousin Jeni was speaking. She did great although there was something going on with the sound because she was really hard to hear.

Once we got home we only got time to change out of our church clothes and start to settle down when a transformer blew and we were left without power. Since we thought it would be nice to eat dinner and have light we decided to go over to my Mom & Dad's for the evening and spent our time there going through the last of the things we have "stored" in their basement.

It was a really fun and stress free weekend. We haven't had one of those for a while and it doesn't seem like there will be many in the future, so the break was nice to say the least. I just love having down time with the whole fam.

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