My Favorite Monday:

11:54 AM

So I don't usually dive into the 'My Fave Monday' but today's topic is my favorite halloween candy, which I thought was blog-worthy.

So here's the deal. As a kid, I couldn't get enough of these bad boys:

I still love them now, so much that when I first saw that bag with the Laffy Taffy, Sweet-tart combo at the end of September I couldn't help myself and bought it. And then, just for good measure I grabbed that wonderful Chocolate Lovers mix right off the Target shelf and dropped it in the cart.

So I had this great gigantic bowl full of delicious Halloween candies that literally only lasted about 3 weeks. Jake hasn't let me live it down.

But the candy that I always search for after the trick or treating is done is either Kit-Kats or 100 Grand bars.
They rock my world.

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