5 months!

2:35 PM

Another month has some how flown by! Ashelyn has so much attitude and spunk. She makes us laugh and is such a happy baby. She thinks she wants to crawl even though we tell her she's still to little. She pushes all the way up on her hands and then lifts her knees up too and digs in with her toes to push herself forward. It's crazy to watch! She's a strong little girl that's for sure. Right now she's really into pulling off her hair bows, giggling, eating baby food and playing in her exersaucer. She's been very attached to me lately, which doesn't bother me in the slightest. (It is throwing Daddy off a bit!) She has decided that she'll only sleep through the night if we snuggle her in bed with us until she's decided it's bed time. Which is still much better than being woken up at 3 am. She loves to splash around in the bath and loves when we dance with her. She thinks Gideon is crazy and gives him the funniest looks. We love our little princess to pieces!

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