Weekend Wrap-Up (Contaminated Edition)

11:15 AM

It's true. It seems we've caught whatever nastiness is going around.

It all started last Wednesday when Ashelyn's nose started running... and running. And then she started coughing. So there was no play-group on Thursday for my little tots. Ashe's nose never got green and gunky I didn't feel the need to take her in to the doc, since they don't do anything for babies with colds besides tell you to hang out around a hot steamy shower. So that's what I did.

Friday was looking up, it didn't seem like Gid was getting sick (Ha!) and Ashe was in much better spirits and wasn't coughing as much. (Quick bug! Woo Hoo I thought.) We hung out at home that night and enjoyed a good movie, some pizza, and some ice cream.

Saturday, the fun continued. We decided to be brave and take BOTH kids to see Madagascar 2 (It rocked btw) Of course Gideon thought it was the best thing ever to get his own cup of gummy bears and his own big boy seat to sit and watch King Julian on a GIGANTIC screen. And to make it all even better, I got to stay in the theater the ENTIRE time with Ashe. She started to fuss a little bit but quieted down as soon as I stood up. So, basically I just bounced around by the exit door for 3 minutes until she was out cold and went back to my seat. Unfortunately, by the time we got home all things happy and good seemed to be coming to an end. Ashelyn was coughing and spit-uppy (more than usual...which is insane) Gideon was fussy and had gigantic GREEN boogers, Jake had a stomach ache and I felt like someone had poured hot coals down my throat. Pleasant... let me tell you.

So church was definitely not an option for our family of sick-os. I know how ticked I get when people bring their sickness around my family, so no way I was subjecting anyone to our mess. So that's how I thought it would stay. Sick and miserable but otherwise mellow. Just vegging out trying to get better. Right.

That's when we get to Sunday evening. So let's just say out of all this mess there also became the concern that Gideon might have a hernia. He started fevering and was having someother... issues. And since no boy wants any trouble with his nether-parts we decided to take him to the E.R. What a mistake. Well the biggest mistake I think was that we took him to Liberty. We'd always gone to NKC when he was tiny with his asthma attacks and they must have a policy that gets kids right in or something. But Liberty... we waited 3 hours. We didn't even see the triage nurse for over 2. Then finally when they got us back in the room the doctor spent all of 3 minutes with us and basically said. "Doesn't look like a hernia.... He must have some 'fluid build-up', be sure to take him to his pediatrician tomorrow though because it doesn't look right." Thanks doc. Then we waited another 35 minutes for her to get the prescription to us. And no, they weren't understaffed... they were hopping with nurses and doctors...there wasn't any crazy "I shot myself in the leg cuz deer season just started" injuries AND there were plenty of empty rooms. Basically they just didn't seem to care.

Luckily, there doesn't seem to be anything seriously wrong with him. So now, I take him to see. Dr. Pitalla tomorrow.

Some weekend, huh.

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