Christmas Blogcation:

9:32 AM

It's December 23.

That means that Christmas morning is less than 48 hours away.
That means there is more food to be bought.
Cooking to do.
Cleaning to force myself into.
Treats to be eaten.
Pictures to take.
Presents to wrap.

Fun to be had.

So, for now. I'll be on a little blogcation.

But, I'll leave you with some things I'm looking forward to.

-Having a White Christmas (until it melts in the afternoon.)
-Chinese Food on Christmas Eve w/ my Dad's side of the family.
-MORE Swedish meatballs & slush at Gramma's.
-Dancing around the Christmas Tree.
-Finally finding out what that box is from the Hub to me.
-Seeing Gid's face on Christmas morning.
-Eating until I have to unbutton my pants.
-Gideon's 2nd birthday.
-Family. Family. Family.

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope it's fabulous!

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