Happy Christmas!

9:11 AM

So like I said on my uber short post I put up last night, we had the Doan Family Christmas party yesterday. Everyone was planning on getting there around 5 but after people getting stuck at work... and stuck in traffic, we managed to get up to glorious Hamilton, MO around 6:30. We ate Swedish meatballs, Jake's now-famous truffles, and drank slush until our faces froze. The kids exchanged gifts and we got our rockin' food storage presents from Jake's Mom & Dad. Seriously, a case of Mandarin Oranges!? Talk about a heavenly gift! Natalie made everyone a big jar of puppy-chow snack mix and some of her awesome recycled t-shirt shopping bags. I got a Bart Simpson one that I'll be taking a picture of. I'm in love with it! I also got a super cute apron from Jenny and all the kids got their ornaments for this year. We had such a good time and we're so glad we persevered to get there in spite of all the craziness!

Anyways... rewind a little bit!
While I was waiting for Jake to get out of the dead-stopped traffic,
I snapped some pictures of the tots...
"Gideon pose for Mommy!"
Go figure that's what he did...
He thought he was pretty funny and stayed like this for probably...
Which is eternity to an almost 2 yr. old.
So, I wrangled him up and snapped a picture together.
The attempts at getting him to take a picture with his sister didn't go so well. This was the only one that he wasn't pushing her over in. (Because she was already laying down.)
Miss Bit! Oh I tell you what. She's adorable. I don't care what you say.
Ashelyn Ann... again.
And finally, here's the horrible picture of us that was on my camera.
Jake's Mom & Sarah got some better ones that I'll be stealing.

Thanks for such a great time! We love you guys!

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