Christmas Eve:

8:41 AM

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of blog posts....
Just don't say I didn't warn you!

The night of Christmas Eve we went to Gramma & Grampa Fish's house.
I was so busy eating delicious meatballs and trying to refill my cup with slush before it ran out again that basically the only picture I snapped was this adorable one of Gramma Jenny holding Jason & Ashelyn. Lovin' J's rosy cheekers!

Christmas Eve night we always open one present!
The kids got their new jammers and Jake got slippers.
My slippers were put on a temporary hiatus so I didn't have them on Christmas Eve, but I've got them now, so no complaints!

As for an explanation of this picture....
after opening said jammers around 10:00 at night, Gideon was immediately entertained once again by the Mack truck (y'know from Cars fame) that G-Gpa & Phyllis got him for Christmas. So we had to put it in bed with him to get him to go to sleep... It worked. He was out in all of 39 seconds.

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