Christmas Morning!

8:49 AM

We always start out Christmas morning by dragging the stocking back into our bedroom and opening our stockings snuggled up under our covers...

Jake teaching Gid-man about the wonders of the Pez dispenser.
Meet Thor! Gid's (My) new puppy. Gid also scored on lots of new cars and trucks, some movies, a puzzle book and well... Mostly just new cars. He was so into opening all the presents that he actually opened the one's I had wrapped to bring to my family later that day. Thanks bud!Remember that box I was wondering what was inside of?
I got a travel set of Kiehl's products! Oh boy am I crazy about this stuff!
But honestly... Kiehl's that box was a little excessive for such a small package of goodies.
Aren't you supposed to be concerned for the environment?
You could have saved half a tree by using a smaller box!
I also got some jewelry, 2 new hoodies, and some movies.
Jake with his brand new "Girl" board and new Volcom hoodie. Volcom is his fave, besides LemonFresh of course. He also got new bearings for his board, new guitar strings for his acoustic, and some movies. We're kind of a movie watching family.
Ashelyn loving her new activity triangle. Other than that she mostly got clothes. Because that's what she needs and she'll have no memory of this Christmas. I was really tempted to just fill her stocking with diapers.

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