A Diamond Is FOREVER:

8:27 AM

That's right.

The concert was last night and it was GREAT. Seriously, the man can still rock. And talk about nostalgia. I loved it. The only bad thing was he didn't allow any cameras at all and he seriously had the camera Nazi's out yelling at people. Strange, because he said the only rule at his show was that there was "No Rules." Well, maybe except the whole no camera thing. Anyways, there's something really great about music that transcends age limits. There was a couple in front of us who were easily in their late 70s and there were plenty of people our age as well as little kids. It was wonderful and I'm so glad we got to go. Thanks again Dad for the great seats!

Oh! Also, Ron & Jenny got to come too because Dad managed to score 2 more tickets. We were pretty bummed that their seats weren't in the same section as ours, but in the end... their seats were even better! So, good times were had all around!

If you get a chance, you should go. You won't regret it.

And that's all the time I have!

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