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My Grandma Sandi's birthday was New Year's Day. I can remember as a kid, if we actually managed to stay up to watch the ball drop we'd call her and wish her Happy Birthday first thing. She was always so excited to hear from us. Then at some point that day, we'd always stop by my Grandparents and Grandma would have made a big pot of Black Eyed Peas and Ham. She always said you had to have at least one bite for good luck throughout the new year. Secretly, I always loved eating the Black Eyed Peas. Now that she's gone I wish I knew how to make them just like she did. So for this year, I'm resolving to learn so that I can make it every New Years from now on...

I know it's a week late, but Happy Birthday Grandma.

When Grandma died, one of the things she left me was her Singer Featherweight sewing machine. (hence the pictures.) It was made prior to WWII and in my humble opinion. It's beautiful. All the original pieces are still with it, even the instruction manuals, and it still works like a champ. I hadn't really got it out of it's carrying case since Grandma had died. I don't think I was quite ready for the memories.

But, I finally got it out the other day and cleaned it all up and I have big plans for this little lady. New kitchen curtains and some new skirts for me. I can't wait!

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