Only the Best Apron EVER:

1:19 PM

They've had one of these lovelies hanging up at the shop for a while now.

I fell in love...
I was smitten...
I just had to have it!

But seeing as how I didn't want to deprive their adorable little shop of it's awesomeness, I cut and made this one for myself while I was up there yesterday! That's right... I officially did something crafty! It's about time, right?

Now I don't want to stop. Here pretty quick I'm busting out the sander to finally paint my kitchen chairs. Now the only question is, Do I go with my standard black or do I do something CRAZY like paint them red?? I'm thinking red.

Anyway, I've been prancing around in this all morning (okay, more like since 10:30 when I finally got dressed) feeling so cute (if I don't actually look cute, please don't ruin my high) and wanting to shower cuteness on the rest of my house. Thank you Heather Bailey for your amazing fabric cute-ness. And thank you Sarah for loving more than the "old lady prints."

I'm in love!

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