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12:48 PM

Hey all! Hope you had the most wonderful Love-Day Weekend. Ours was a blast.

First of all, on Friday, I got beautiful roses and yummy chocolates delivered to my door! Gotta love that hub! That night we actually went out sans the littles. (I KNOW, right!?) By paying my little brother to babysit for us, we then got to participate in more love being spread, because he could then afford to buy something for his girlfriend. See how we roll!? We at yummy dinner. Splurged on yummy dessert and then we saw Taken. We were very glad we opted for that rather than some mushy love story.

Saturday morning, since it was officially V-Day... I made Jacob watch the kids while I went up to the Quilt Shop for a class. Got home, spent the rest of the day sitting at home watching movies, snuggling kids, and eating tacos. Good times.

Now thanks to my OTHER brother, we're all sick. Me and Jake not as much as the tots, just a little cough/throat thing. Seriously, I hate cold/flu season. Ashelyn was miserable yesterday and cried pretty much all day. Last night she was up feeling horrible every 3 hours. Things seem to be looking up today. It's still obvious she doesn't feel great, but at least she's napping and taking her bottle regularly. Gideon has a wicked cough and permanent case of rosy cheeks but he's still happy.

I'm off to diaper duty and bottle making!

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