Thankful Thursday:

1:00 PM

Thanks Tib or Mindi for the pic!

It's that time again!!! So here you have it:

-Tax returns. Thank. You.

-Partylite candles... thank you for eliminating the stench that was created by 3 blowouts in the middle of the night. (That's 2 for Ashe, 1 for Gid if you're keeping score.) I kid you not.

-The hub, and not just because he brings home the bacon. He's recently been on this thing about being a better husband. At first I thought he just wanted something, haha, but I think he's for real. He's been so much fun and SO much help this past week. Thanks babe, it means a lot.

-Classical music. Why do I forget how much better you are than Regis & Kelly!?!?

-Macaroni & Cheese. Because when I don't feel like cooking... at least the hub can make SOMETHING!

-This new budget we're on.... I admit, it works pretty fantastic. And I was mucho skeptical.

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